Always and forever, babe.
written @ 1:15 a.m. on 2012-09-22

I've lost the love of my life. My best friend, my future husband. He died over two weeks ago and now, after the funeral, i find myself looking up ways to be with him. I know I'm catholic but am i wrong? Please someone tell me i am so i can justify any way to be with him. I promise i wont do this till Monday because on Sunday i have an appointment with a medium to talk to him. I want to make sure he misses me too. Fuck him saying i need to live my life. If he is happy where he is and i am so unhappy where i am then i want to be with him.
He was my life, my partner, my soul-mate. I have lost the love of my life and there is no good life in front of me, unless i am with him.
She died from a broken heart, cremate her just like him and mix their ashes together. Because without him, there is no real life after him for her.

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