written @ 2:49 a.m. on 2011-08-09

So I am a bit confused at the moment. My friend Nico came over today and decided to spend the night at MY apartment. Though Stephanie is here its painfully honest that this pisses her off. She was pissed off even before I told Nico she could sleep in my room. I don't know if she feels threatened that I have more than just her as a friend or just pissed that she only likes me... which is a fabrication in her mind.
I do everything for this girl, and though she lives her rent free its like pulling teeth just to get her to set up an appointment for her to get food stamps and stop mooching off of me.
She needs a job, and a life beyond mine. She's holding me back from things I want to do, and when I explain if she doesn't want to come she doesn't have to she replys "just take me home" and I'm not her fucking taxi.
So tomorrow I will lay down the ground rules. She needs to get a fucking job and start paying half the rent. She needs to wash her fucking dishes and start buying food for me to eat. I can't do this anymore, I love hanging out with her but I hate taking care of her. I am not her mother and I am certinatly not her girlfriend.

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