And if you were wondering who your secret santa is this year, its was me!
written @ 12:38 a.m. on 2010-12-23

We didn't have to put A.J. to sleep, and after a hard long round of anti biotics and steroids my face looks normal again, but man i stayed inside hiding my face for a good month. But now its christmass and alll isss gooodddd.
Luckly a large sum of money was transfered into my bank account right around the first of the month and i've done nothing but spend it on others. This Christmas is dedicated to you, from me! I may have gone a little overboard but it will be all worth it on Christmas morning when EVERYONE opens their gifts.
This year i sent out 47 christmas cards. Literally everyone but my therapist got one of those suckers and if you were lucky, you got a glitter card. Whats qa glitter card you ask? Well... its when you send someone a card filled with green chrstmas glitter, and when they open it glitter goes everywhere and stayes with you for the year if your lucky (and dont clean very much). So when you take a shower on new years, and see green glitter in the bottom of the tub, you have me to thank!
Your welcome.
I could really use some herbal stimulation right now and could proably make it happen if not every single pair of jeans or skirts i owned were in the wash. Thats right, its laundry night. A night dedicated to just laundry, that happens every couple of weeks. Much like christmas eve you don't sleep, but when its over you feel like you've accomplished something.
Man, i can't wait till the morning comes and this long treatrous night is behind me. I spent all day making fudge, muddie buddies, peanut butter blossoms and chocolate chip cookies and i won't even let myself test try. I will not let this christmas ruin all my progress, so you can go ahead christmas treats, tease me and look delicious. You wont win, for i am 60 pounds lighter this year, and still plan to be come 2011.
New years i'm supposted to go see the brew at a bar in waterville, and i would love nothing more than to go, rock out dancing all night and singing the songs i love... but until ankle surgery i'll be sitting in the back, drinking my grateful dead, and singing along. I'm also really concerned about having a plus one this year, and if i can't get mike to go with me i think i may just stay home and get drunk with my cats, and dogs.
Its one of those valentine holidays where you need someone to get sloppy drunk with and make out at the stroke of midnight. And wheather mike knows it or not, he is at the top of my "who will Jessica make out with at midnight" list. Man, that boy is fine. Its almost impossible to be attracted to your best friend, but when i see a challenge i like to dive head first into it. And i'm hoping against all hope that he will be my plus one midnight kiss.
Thank you for being you Mike, i dont know what i would do without you.
I'd like to send a big FUCK YOU to Trean. Thanks for hanging out when i had money to get you high and ditch me when its gone, and yeah, you still owe me fifty bucks. And when i get that money, i think i'm going to spend it in some simbolic way. There needs to be a little more poetry in my life... maybe i'll give it to a bum, or burn it, or maybe i'll just blow it all on gum. Hmmm... Maybe i should give it to someone who also got ripped off fifty bucks, but i wont let them know it was me.
And if you were wondering who your secret santa is this year, its was me!
Your welcome!
See you next year...
I'm out.

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